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The true identity after the mask of the "Avengers" disguise was hidden: Thanos did not surprise with numbers 4 and 5

Although it is almost impossible to show up in "Avengers", the identity of the star may surprise fans

Any superhero movie will have the appearance of characters that are bizarre, or even built entirely with technology. "Avengers: Endgame" is no exception. These characters have contributed a lot, helping the film more attractive, magic, true "quality" superhero.

The roles that take on such roles must be greatly sacrificed, from the opportunity to identify to the public to the mandatory change in appearance. And after the "Avengers: Endgame", the appearance of this reluctant stealth star was also scoured by the people. In the list of real faces of the cast below, the fifth case might be the most surprising.

Actors playing "Blue Girl" Nebula is probably the most surprising character when admiring the true face of real life. Different from the strange shaping in the movie, Karen Gillan female celebrities possess extremely beautiful beauty and perfect body. In order to incarnate as Nebula, Karen did not hesitate to sacrifice her long shiny hair and straighten it. This makes many fans feel admired and devoted much sympathy for this actress.

Even when appearing with Gamora's blue skin, Zoe Saldana still looks deadly alluring from the bone. Possessing a beautiful face, personality with charismatic acting ability, being able to transform into many different types of roles, Hollywood's "no space" is always the first choice for blockbusters. Zoe Saldana also played the female lead in "Avatar".

The person who takes on the role of the most dangerous villain Thanos is none other than actor Josh Brolin. Although not as outstanding as Robert Downey Jr., the masculine and haughty looks of the 51-year-old actor still leave a deep impression on the fans.

Few people know that the vocalist for the character Rocket Racoon is the handsome actor Bradley Cooper - who just achieved the unexpected success with "A Star Is Born".

Groot was made entirely by technique, there were no more lines than the three words: "I am Groot". Yet, the person who takes on the voice of this lovely tree is a Hollywood A-star - actor Vin Diesel. Even the sound department didn't have to edit Diesel's voice too much to fit Baby Groot. Why? Because he was used to fake the characters of cartoon characters from a young age.

Take on the character Mantis is a half-Korean actress, Pom Klementieff. Pom Klementieff owns 1m71 height, sexy body and impressive angular face. She is often selected by fashion magazines to make sexy, modern style pictures.

Unlike his co-stars, Dave Bautista - who plays Drax is a Filipino-Greek professional wrestler. Later, he realized that the love for the 7th art was too great, so he definitely decided to retire from the wrestling career, focusing on acting. Dave quickly achieved success in Hollywood thanks to his muscular body, outstanding body and charming acting.