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Junglee (2019) - Action Hindi Movie Reviews

Junglee (2019)

Junglee (2019)

Filmmaker Rohan Sippy announced his next film Junglee. The movie is an Action Thriller and the lead actor of the movie is Vidyut Jammwal.

The film is scheduled to premiere on March 29, 2019, in the US market

Director: Chuck Russell

Stars: Vidyut Jammwal, Asha Bhat

Summaries: The story revolves around a vet, who on his homecoming to his father's elephant reserve, encounters and fights an international poachers racket.

Junglee (2019)

Junglee is a story about Raj Nair (Vidyut Jammwal) who is a vet by profession practicing in Mumbai. He's not on speaking terms with his father and blames him for his mother's death. His father runs an elephant sanctuary in Odisha and he returns to it after ten years for his mother's death anniversary. There, he observes that the number of helpers working with his father has dwindled and the sanctuary is facing hard days. He reunites with childhood friends female mahout Shanku (Pooja Sawant) and forest ranger Dev (Akshay Oberoi), as also elephants Didi and Bhola, who has become a big tusker now is the uncrowned king of the elephants. He's followed around everywhere by animal activist Meera (Asha Bhat), who has come to the jungle to make a film about his father and his conservation efforts. His guru Gaja (Makarand Deshpande), who taught him Kalaripayattu, has become a drunkard and warns Raj that the forest is riddled with poachers. However, no one takes him seriously. The warnings are quite real as big game hunter Keshav (Atul Kulkarni) slips into the jungle, kills Bhola and wants to sell his trunks to a foreign buyer. Now, it's up to Raj to try and stop him and avenge Bhola's death.

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